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Keupee BubbleTea Surabaya (Review)

Hi guys! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR for all of you who celebrate it! ^^

A short story about me and my family : My dad and my mom are from Pontianak, where chinese people are the majority population..Since I was a little kid, we would always go back to Pontianak to celebrate Chinese New Year with the big family where everyone gathers.. Granma, Granpa, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, the celebration was really huge there, fireworks everywhere, barongsai and dragon shows, it was just really nice celebrating Chinese New Year in Pontianak with everyone.. But as time goes by, I stop visiting Pontianak on Chinese New Year, I think since I was in high school.. Because the airplane ticket is really pricey to ship everyone and the holiday is only for one day, I couldn't keep skipping school.. Besides, I have almost none relatives here in Surabaya, so I haven't been celebrating it for ages.. But usually my dad is still going back to Pontianak every year, it's just in his blood.. So yeah, this year, just like any other year, I just call my mom, my dad, and my only granny, greet them, ask them how they've been, and that's it, lol..

Anyways today I want to share with you another recommended place to hangout in Surabaya :KEUPEE ^^


I actually already heard the name of this brand probably a month ago, but I thought it was not in Surabaya, I thought it's in Jakarta, so I didn't really pay attention to it.. But 4 days ago, I got a new follower on Instagram named (yes, it's their Instagram official account), I opened their profile and I just knew that it's in Surabaya!

From what I saw in their Instagram photos : The place looked so cozy, comfy & cute! And I also read their customer's feedback in the comment section that they served really good bubble milk tea! It made me really curious, because I'm a big fan of bubble milk tea.. ^^I tried to look up their location in the map, and sad part was the place is quite far from my house, but the force is really strong this time, haha.. So I contact my long lost good friend who lives nearby that area, and asked her to accompany me there..

Here it is!!! (Let the pictures take over)

This is what you see on your first step into the cafe, how cute is that?

You can't buy HAPPINESS but you can buy BUBBLE TEA and that's kind of the same thing

Left : GREEN Tea, Tea Polyphenol & carotene, NON FERMENTED |

Center : Vote for Keupee, ROLLING full ferment FIRING, Cappuccino ESPRESSO latte mocha Americano |

Right : black LIGHT to STRONG FERMENTATION tea, coffee

Fun corner

Giant mirror with the giant icon

On top of their cashier

Let's go upstairs! ^^

It connected straight to the pool side of the apartment!

From my experience :+ The place is really cozy + Their interior design and their icon is really cute + The price is really cheap (max 25k)+ Theyprovide poker cards, uno cards, uno stacko for you to play + They just installed wi-fi connection + They got a lot of electricity outlet, don't worry ^^ + "They serve a really good bubble milk tea" is no joke!I'm a big fan of bubble milk tea, but I'm a huge fan of green tea latte.. My all time favorite favorite is Star***** Green Tea Cream, nothing can beat that.. But I tried Keupee Matcha Green Tea Latte with bubble, and I tell you what, my life seems complete now! Lol.. It's just THE BEST! It tastes reaally good and it only cost me 28k, oh my, I wish I could ship Keupee stand in front of my house.. :( My friend ordered Pure Cocoa and it also tastes really good! I super love chocolate drink, and usually after some gulp of chocolate drink, you'd feel enough and can't drink more of it, but I think I can drink both my Matcha Green Tea Latte & Pure Cocoa till the last drop without being full..Haha, Am I being over reacting? Lol.. I just love it...

My suggestion for Keupee are :- PLEASE open a new branch in Spazio, Supermall or wherever near my house, hahah.. - Add more healthy snacks ^^ It's just a thought though.. I'm on a diet, and actually, I have to avoid sweets and chocolate, but for the sake of dying to try, I broke my promise to my body, lol.. Then I saw your choices of snacks, oh my Lord everything is fried, lol.. I can't broke more promises.. You can add Salad, Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Sausages, Tuna Puff, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes with Broccolli or just fresh fruits maybe? Heheheh... - Train your waitresses to be more knowledgeable about your products and to be more friendly and cheerful ^^ I'm not saying they are rude and unfriendly now, they are doing good already, but it will be better if they are as cute and smiley as your icon, right? :)

Selfie time :P

Keupee Definitely coming back to try another delicious drinks! ^^ Gunawangsa Apartment Jl. Menur Pumpungan 62 Unit SB108 Everyday 10.00 am - 12.00 am Instagram :

See you on my next post!xoxo
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