Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ranma 1/2

Hello all you bloggers, readers, and people out there!I do review YA books and such but I also do reviews on manga. It is a guilty pleasure of mine I guess you could say.I am reviewing the manga:RANMA 1/2


Genres: Animation, Comedy, Action

Created: This was created in 1989

Form: This is a Manga and an Anime

Creator:Rumiko Takahashi


A series of the relationship of a girl who is involuntarily engaged to a boy who turns female when hit with cold water and male with hot.PEOPLES RATING:5/5MY RATING:I agree with most people!5/5

MY REVIEW:When I reaad what the series was about I wasn't that intrested. I am a member of (like I said, anime and manga are a guilty pleasure of mine.) I saw so many reviews on it, so I thought I would give it a try. This series is actually really good! It is very funny and I have laughed several times! I like the character Ranma because he is a bit diffrent and short temperd. He says what's on his mind and has no problem defending himself, although it is not the "right" way of doing so (in my opinion). Akane is a good character as well. I feel like she doesn't really know what she wants. She a hard headed girl and will also defend her self, but a little better than Ranma. Although I cannot connect to the characters, I did like them. The story line overall is awesome. Not really sure where it will lead but I will continue to read it and when I am done watch the anime of it, which I am sure it will be as good, if not, much better.

Please keep in mind that this review is based on my opinion. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion ^^

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