Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Print-On-Demand Is Transforming Self-Publishing

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How Print-On-Demand Is Transforming Self-Publishing

They typically ended up in the garage," wrote Alan Finder for New York Times ... the new wave of writers-as-solopreneurs are jumping onto POD publishing as a low-cost, low-labor way to turn their creative pursuits into profitable products.

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New St. Stephen pastor brings commonsense spirituality -


I try to bring a commonsense SPIRITUALITY to every parish and make it a place where every person feels welcome." Fifty-seven-year-old Schneider grew up in a Catholic family on a Salina, Kan., farm. Now a Tampa Bay Rays fan, he remains loyal to the ...

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Self-publishing has become a cult

Ten years ago self-publishing was viewed as a fad rooted in vanity; only those who couldn't hack it under the traditional system went the do-it-yourself route. With the advent of digital publishing, the paradigm has changed, self-publishing is ...

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Syria: August 28 as it happened -


The 87-year-old Cuban revolutionary, who stepped down as president in 2006 in favour of his brother Raul, has PUBLISHED a new essay on Wednesday that took up nearly a full page in the Communist Party newspaper Granma. ... We have put forward to them a ...

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Moms Demand Action's New Gun Control PSA: Too Much, Or Not Enough? - Huffington Post


Broader Access To Reports On Lost & Stolen Guns. Under Obama's executive action, the Department of Justice plans to PUBLISH an annual report on lost and stolen guns to ensure data collected by the ATF is available.
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