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Random Thought 550

So I was reviewing for my Computer Systems Architecture final exam, then my being 90's kid nostalgia just got triggered. All of a sudden I want to watch some of my childhood anime that I failed to comprehend and complete in those days. I still remember when anime were still in primetime slot featuring 5 different anime a week with one anime per day. Some of the notable ones were: Hell Teacher Nube, Ranma 1/2, and Fushigi Yuugi. I wish I was a bit older back then so I could understand them. Good thing I got my uncle with me who always guided me on everything that was happening in each episodes. But like I said, I was still too young to remember everything. Ranma 1/2 and Fushigi Yuugi are still very clear in my memory since they were in re-runs a few years back. But as far as I could remember, correct me if I'm wrong, Hell Teacher Nube never got itself a re-run. I remember when I was in grade 2 or so, we used to make some origamis of Nube's claws. I forgot how to do it but it was fun doing it.

I suppose GMA7 was the reason I got exposed to anime. I'm a 90's kid and it was they who made anime mainstream at that time, or I just didn't watch other channels at that time? In that primetime block, I also remember that they aired (or perhaps re-aired) Voltes V along side with Daimos during Fridays, and Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball Z during weekdays. I'm half sure that they didn't air at the same time period. Although, I'm pretty sure that Yu Yu Hakusho aired in Tagalog dub while Dragon Ball (not Z) aired in Taglish first. I'm not so sure whether Hell Teacher Nube aired in English or Tagalog dub. But I'm 100% sure Pokemon did air in English dub. Speaking of dubbing, I have read that the reason for dubbing all anime in English back then despite being dubbed by Filipinos, was because they want to make them to coincide with American cartoons which are of course in English and since Filipinos back then were not aware of the so called Japanese animation. Again, these are just based from my memory.

Okay enough with my geeky side of what little information I know about the anime history here in the Philippines. My point is that, I just plan on watching anime classics Hell Teacher Nube and Escaflowne soon.


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