Sunday, September 8, 2013

Holiday Snaps

The trouble with having a digital camera is that I take hundreds of photos[about 500 during the past fortnight] Here are some selected holiday pictures. The amazing hat shop in Burnham Market

There is a whole rainbow of 'Mother Of The Bride' hats - this was just part of the pink/red section. Loads of men's hats too

Norwich with Mark and Steph, and swimming at Salthouse [ when Mark was showing me the 'colour accent' thing with my camera]

What WAS Bob looking at?

It is weird how Steph's clothes and Mark's shorts come up as blue, but the blue towels have black patches.

Cromer Pier. I am extremely pleased with THIS picture!

We walked through the town and I had to photograph the greengrocer's shop. It took us a little while to figure out what 'no enchaners' meant.

We ate crab salad on 'The Albatross' at Wells. Utterly delicious.

Bob found something on Salthouse beach

"Here's that sick squid I owe you!"

Very excited to find all the Cardinal Wolsey stuff on our visit to Ipswich. Will somebody please come to Leicester and dig HIM up now?

It is my understanding that he is probably somewhere under the Car Park at Leicester's 'Abbey Park' - I suggest you start looking under the "W"!

Ipswich also has connections with the cartoonist Giles, so in the Buttermarket is a statue of his wonderful "Granma" and her family. We walked to the quay, where Bob enjoyed a Baklava in the rain by the flower market

On our final day in Norfolk we enjoyed a trip to Aylsham show - where we saw falconry, the White Helmets Army Motorcycle Display Team, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Most of my pictures were clear blue sky, as I snapped AFTER the planes and birds had flown past!

Bob dreaming about riding the Triumph

Me - on a Husqvarna [a mower, not a sewing machine]

I take most of the pictures these days - but seeing this one which Bob has taken makes me realise just how much weight I have put on lately. Less cake, more exercise this autumn I think!!

It's a good job the computer wasn't working properly, I would have probably posted all 500 pictures.
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