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Jasmine's Anime Recaps: Free Episode 8!

Okay so I just learned something new. The voice of Makoto is the lead singer of the band who sings the opening song and is the voice behind RANMARU FROM UTAPRI. ALSO THE OPENING SONG IS LIKE REALLY ROCKISH SO ITS JUST A LOT TO TAKE IN.

Let's get started.

Look its coach whatever his name is. Also this is another cool shot to me.

I really hope this gets resolved before the show ends. It kinda reminds me of Tamako Market where Tamako kept talking about this song her mom used to sing and you think that's going to be revealed at the end because it was played up to be like a major plot point, but no--it was revealed like in the middle of the series. Ugggh this is the wrong place to say it, but Tamako Market had a really good set up and just decided to make the show just about a flying bird, a random prince, and girls being cutesy.

Man I'm so sad that Haru lost, but I'm so happy Rin won. Good job show, you tore my loves apart. Also may I add that I'm happy that we get to see Haru show emotion? Or rather finally have a bubble popped? Not that I wanted it to happen, but to people who are really emotionless (or hide their emotions well) it's kinda bound to happen, and it usually happens from someone else. Hopefully that makes sense but, to sum it up I was waiting for Rin to make Haru really depressed. It's a logical part of the story. Even though I thought maybe Haru would win and then Rin would be depressed, even more than he was before.

Haha and seeing this kid so proud of himself literally makes my day. He's been scowling forever.

Hahah is Rin going to destroy everyone's dreams today?

Can we just enjoy the look Rei is giving Rin? I bet he really dislikes him and is so confused as to how everyone else was friends with Rin before. You'll hear this a lot but I love Rei and Nagisa and Haru and Rin and Makoto and yaaaay good characterrrsss


So thanks to Makoto being real with Rin, Rin's back to scowling forever. That smile was sooo short lived.

Man whoever directed this needs to just win. Period. Just become an Olympian. Anyway poor Haru--I feel for him right now. Remember how back in the day Haru beat Rin and afterward he stopped swimming because he felt so terrible about it? Haru now wonders if Rin had won would it be different and he also wonders why he swims since he doesn't care about going to the Olympics. Nagisa, being the awesome kid he is, finds Haru and goes "DUDE I WANT YOU TO WATCH US SWIM! MAKOTO'S RACE ALREADY STARTED C'MON!" and pulls him out to see the race.

GO MAKOTO GO I wish you were a real person you seem like a cool dude.

The atmosphere at this part is so fun. We got the coach leading everyone in a chant. Makoto's bossing it out in the pool. This is great! Makes me wish I was on a sports team.

The animation is killer too. Like thumbs waaaay up to the animation team.

Sadly though, Makoto didn't make it to the next round. Let's hope Nagisa makes it!

Meanwhile, Scowl Shark is by himself is thinking about what Makoto said. I really hate we only saw, what like five seconds of him being in a good mood?

Back with the team, Nagisa didn't make the cut and now its Rei's turn. I hope all that almost drowning did some good for him.


Aw, well no one was able to make it to finals. Sad day--also did Coach ride here on his pizza cart? No wonder he got here late

Haha yesss Gou! She enrolled them for the relay tomorrow! We still have a chance at Regionals!! Also let's clap for Rei--he's the main one who persuaded everyone to at least try the relay. Haru left early so now we gotta find him and get him on board!


I'm actually surprised they checked his house instead of the pool. That actually feel like a loophole to me, but I won't think about it.

The main question we all ask ourselves at some point(s) in our lives. One thing that I love about this show is that its sucha good "coming of age" story. I won't go into detail now, but just wait and see for the editorial~

While waiting for Haru to come back home, Nagisa, Rei, and Gou leave Haru a message on his phone. Makoto tells everyone to go home and he stays and waits for Haru. HARU YOU HAVE THE GREATEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD.

And I think he realizes it too.


It's a new day whoo! Can we just talk about these two for a second? They were late today because they were practicing their exchange in the relay. THEY BOTH WANTED TO MAKE SURE NOTHING WENT WRONG TODAY. PROPS TO BOTH OF THEM! Especially Rei, who really just deserves every most improved star in the books. He didn't know how to swim and now he's in a swimming competition. I bet his parents are so proud.

Man I kinda forgot about Rin. Jeez he looks so depressed. He should've stayed in bed or something

Anyway Nitori tells him the unthinkable. Haruka and the crew are swimming in the relay.

This is brilliant. So Rin is watching them and he's watching in awe as he remembers hwo Makoto and Nagisa swim since their childhood days. Right when he's being hit with nostalgia he sees Rei swim butterfly, Rin specialty, and is sooooo jealous. I love it. I loooove it.

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