Monday, October 14, 2013

Anime Girls I'd F**k Book: Page 3

Haru - Mushibugyo

Just look at her boobs. Them some big ass tities. Haru's a sweet and nice girl so imagine all the dirty things I could do to her. I could tie her up and just plow the mess out of her. Then I'd just massage her breast and lick all over them. I can suck on those breast for days. I'll get all the calcium I need.

Machi - Hunter X Hunter

Whether its the indigo or pink haired Machi it doesn't matter. Machi can get the dick any day. Machi is short and a litle petite so I could pick her up and do anything with her. She's also a little distant from others but that could all change in the bedroom. I could just stick something down her throat and she'll never be shy again.

Pakunoda - Hunter X Hunter

Pakunoda has some big tities that never jiggle. But I could change that. I'll make them jiggle everywhere. I know she likes it rough because she uses two pistols to kill endlessly. But maybe not. She does have a soft side. She probably likes it soft and pure. What ever the case I would murder her pussy like no other.

Rindou Ranmaru - Binbougami ga!

Rindou is one hot chick. She has a boyish and girl side. Her boy side in which she likes to fight would probably like it rough. Her girl side would love it to be soft and romantic. Either way her pusy won't be the same when I'm done. I could just live in her breast for the rest of my life. I bet their soft and tender just like I like it. And I know she can suck a mean c**k.

Miranda Lotto - D. Gray-man

Just look at how hot she is. I'd do her in an instant. Her breast are pretty damn perky to. Miranda is a little of a spaz but my wood could solve all of that. She may be a cluts with food and other things but when it comes to the dick I know she can get it right. I'd also do anal with her. She looks like she can take it.

Boa Handcock - One Piece

How could I not put this beautiful woman on my list. My only problem is that she's a bitch. I have one solution to that; Rape. I would rape the shit out of Boa. I'd do it until she bleed and stopped loving Luffy. I would just rub her breast for days. I'd probably suck and drink from them for the rest of my life. Don't worry other anime girlsbecause I'll keep her locked up in my dungeon and you'll never see her again.

That's all I have for now. I'll be back on Tuesday with something else. Have a nice day and watch anime. See ya!
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