Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sakura Card Captor

When I was child I like watch tv, but I didn't was really enthusiastic about some specific kind of animation, I liked series like "Tom and Jerry", "Ranma 1/2", "Baby Follies", "Los Caballeros del zodiaco", "Los Super Campiones" "Dragon Ball Z" but my favoriteJapaneseanimation was "Sakura Card Captor".

Sakura Card Captor it a serie of a manga written and illustrated for the group of "mangaka CLAMP", and then was adapted for the anime for Morio Asaka.

The story it based on Sakura Kinomoto who discovered her stranger magic power then of liberate a lot of cards of the book. Then this, Sakura and her friends is forced to collect and care the "Clow cards" to prevent a catastrophe in the world

The most that I liked about "Sakura", was each card had their own history and Sakura first has to learn something important about them,then can capture the card.

I remember the opening of "Sakura" I love it because the song it great, the opening of "Hunter X" or "Sailor moon" or "Detective Conan" also are wonderful, when I was child I sang everyday this songs.

Well, I don't like Japanese culture because I don't feel interested in anime or other similar areas like this, maybe the history of their country.

The first anime that I ever saw was "Sailor moon" I really enjoyed it because were the first girls that fought with the evil, thats was great in a "men world".
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