Thursday, October 31, 2013


Out of the fall season comes two unexpected anime series that jumped out to me! The special guests you may say.. Apart from these two I am about to discuss, I have other anime shows to update on as well!


The late registration to the fall season of anime in Crunchyroll! Because Crunchyroll is practically where I find most of the anime I watch. Without it, I would have seen nothing...that or I would have been too lazy to look elsewhere...

Anyways, awesome, awesome, awesome! Just when I thought Kill La Kill would crown itself the early MVP of the fall season, this awesome (yes, that's the fourth time) show pulls no stops and is coming hard at the viewer from every angle possible. The art style, the story, the direction, everything is great! All you need for this show is a first impression and that first impression is going knock your socks out. It's still too early to see how this series will unravel only having seen Ep. 0 and 1 but I can already tell it's going to be an astounding journey.

Kokoro ConnectYes, this is another one from Crunchyroll and it's from way back in the summer of 2012 so this is a late arrival on my part. I've been holding out on this show until summer 2013 finished so I could finally see whether this show was good or not. I was also watching this show with the mindset to drop it as soon as I get bored at any moment because I had so much in my backlog (who doesn't?). Let's just say I'm on episode 9 since I started a week ago... Anyways to be precise, I think this series will be a classic for me personally because it's too damn good. I'll divulge more on the review of this show and I am still halfway through the 13 episode series so I hope it ends with a bang!

Birdy The MightyStill halfway through the season with this one but it has dropped in both quality and story throughout the two seasons. I'm about to finish the 1st season so let's see how this wraps up on the latter half. Apart from this I haven't watched Ranma 1/2 in a minute nor played Ghost Trick...

It's probably because the NBA season just started!

Lakers get W against Clippers yesterday but got absolutely demolished by the Warriors today at the hands of Klay Thompson. It's early in the season but let's hope for the best!

That's all for today!
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