Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I like japanese animation, I used to watch this kind of progams with my friends and cousins at home. We used to play all day and then we stopped at 5pm to go to the living room and watched series we liked as Ranma 1/2, Sailor moon, Los caballeros del Zodiaco, Dragon Ball, etc..these television series were part of our lives when we were children. I think one of my favorite ones was Dragon Ball, maybe this is more like a "boys serie" but I really like the story, wich has a lot of fantasy, and the characters, it was all very funny. Another serial I liked was Sailor moon because this was anime for girls, you always choose a character you liked the most and talked about it later with friends, I liked the songs and I used to remember the lyrics. Anyway I like all kind of animation, walt disney animation or japanese animation, but after watching this series when I was a child I kept watching other series when I grew up, there is a thousand of series you can choose from, of any kind of story. I still watch series or animated movies sometimes, I like this kind of animation because is very different from american animation, I think japanese animation can have more complex stories and plots.

"Haru and the Baron": the last japanese animation movie I saw

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