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AmiAmi Zero's 1/8 Yagyu Jubei Swimwear version: Review (NSFW)

With Nyaruko set to arrive next week in the mail, and my exams around the corner, here's something else to buy myself some time and keep the blog updated in the meantime. A quick overview of an old figure - not exactly very old; it came out more than a year ago in 2012. Since I got her for a cheaply RM 120 (USD $35) including shipping as a preowned figure, so, making a full review of this figure may be inappropriate as the figure may differ from its brand new state. It's just shorter than my usual figure reviews, less detailed, with some factors being omitted while judging the figure.


Yagyu Jubei is the lead female from Hyakka Ryouran. Season 1 was named Samurai Girls while season 2 was Samurai Bride. She's that kind of "appears airheaded and dumb but has a hidden potential inside" kind of character - in the form of an alter ego. Don't bother watching about the series unless all you want to see is tits (and that's why many people watch it; heck I even have the bluray copy). Season 1 was still okay but just average, while season 2 got worse with 95% filler crap.


Character: Yagyu Jubei

Variant: Swimwear versionOrigin: Hyakka RyouranManufacturer: AmiAmi ZeroScale/Dimensions: 1/8, 150mm in heightArtiste(s): Ozawa Shingo (Sculptor)Release Date: 6 Sept 2012Recommended Retail PriceP: 7400yenRun: Regular


The pros and cons here are evaluated in a way where some factors are omitted from my judgement, especially paint scratches/smudges, loose parts or any flaws that may be associated with a previous owner of the figure or due to wear and tear, since this is a pre-owned figure. Though, I would still like to be as informative as possible regarding factors that are not affected by the ownership or the status of the figure.


* - Her face looks excellent and accurate to the original character

* - Great sculpting of her body and breasts

* - Castoff-able


* - Seam and manufacturing lines can be rather obvious in general, especially the hair

* - Her lower piece of swimwear (the "pantsu" part) is too thick, making her look like she is wearing a plastic basket of some sort, and hence does not give off an impression that it's being stretched by her right hand as intended

The manufacturing and seam lines I was complaining about (which unfortunately, can be common in cheaper figures by less reputable companies).

It's not hard to figure out the castoff process - yup, remove both of her arms and her head. I don't have her base with me, but it's a round blue piece of plastic you wouldn't want to see either, as it totally contrasts the red color theme of this figure (and the warm shades of the photos).

Her breasts are indeed very well made, and her nipples - instead in a shade of pink, follows the "Asian color" more with a natural skin color surrounded by a brown areola. I never realized they actually look good while looking at the figure directly, until I see the results of my own photos.

Her lower piece of her swimsuit looks like a basket of some sort covering her crotch area, which is a bit on the thick side and looks odd in a way they don't look naturally stretched. The 2 small holes there on the cross-section (consistent across every single figure of her) also baffle me.

Otherwise, you just have to appreciate and love her curves.


This figure turned out to be exactly what I expected out of an average figure. I'm not entirely familiar with AmiAmi Zero but I do know they make average figures. Meanwhile, the Behind The Scenes/BTS post of this figure (to follow up later) will exclusively emphasize on lighting, since it didn't take much to set up her backdrop. I have yet to publish Metatron's BTS post as well.

Given I picked this up at a dirt cheap pricing I'm not bothered by the negatives of this figure. Her cheerful and accurately sculpted face, as well as an excellent body sculpt already justify her presence on my display shelf, and makes up for some of the lacking in refinement of the figure (seams and lines you won't see in figures from more reputable companies). This figure gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating from me, a good but average figure. She could have gotten just 3 instead of 3.5, however, her curves and great sculpt have my seal of approval.
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