Friday, January 24, 2014


Fairy Tail 366 begins as Natsu smashes and knocks out the Former Chairman, he shouts at Franmalth asking where Erza and Mira are. Franmalth mentions that he's gone crazy and broke the bit in which he came in from. Kyouka hears all the noise, she calls out for Yakdoriga to look after Erza whilst she's gone. She tells the frog-looking thing not to touch it as it would be a waste for him to touch it.

Natsu asks Franmalth once more when he says if he's referring to the human captives and that he must also be a Fairy Tail. Happy mentions that they could also be there. Franmalth asks how he got there, it must been the Former Chairman who must be followed.

Natsu quickly approaches Franmalth with a fist to which Natsu tells him to shut up. Natsu gives him a good smack. We see Gray and Juvia going back to the HQ to get more addresses to check out. Juvia mentions that she has a bad feeling about this. Looking at what the enemy did to that town, he understand that this is also bad, Juvia mentions that it's not that, it's something different.

Gray holds Juvia's hands and tells her that he is with her, nothing can go wrong. Gray mentions like always Fairy Tail will come out on top without fail. Franmalth gets up against and seems to have changed form, he mentions that the punch he gave will cost him a thousand souls!

His attack misses Natsu but it quickly begins to attack itself to Natsu's back and it seems to have given Natsu a massive shock, his strength also begins to fade. Happy gets in and bites Franmalth's arm and Natsu is let go. Happy is thrown when Natsu gets a lot angrier, her gets closer whilst Franmalth misses all his attacks.

Natsu holds Franmalth's head and does his Fire Dragon's Grip Strike which literally fries everything and anything in front of his hand. Franmalth gets back up and this time mentions that he's raised his price to two thousand souls. Happy notices that Franmalth just took a straight hit from Natsu's fire and is still standing.

We then see a man, Silver shows up telling Franmalth to leave it and take the Former Chairman back. Natsu notices that it's gotten colder, Silver mentions that it was Natsu that brought back the Sun Village wasn't it. Natsu notices that it was Silver that froze it correct. Silver mentions that he's gratefully that he did this as what he did was by mistake.

Natsu quickly mentions that somehow he smells like someone he knows, Natsu realizes that he smells like Gray! At that point even Natsu wasn't able to stop but Silver freezes Natsu! Silver mentions for him not to utter that filthy name!Fairytail 366 ends here.
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