Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Manato Turns in His ASTRID CROWN

Fans of ASTRID CROWN were disappointed to end the year with the band losing one member.

On December 30th, the band announced that bassist Manato would be leaving due to home-related issues. ASTRID CROWN will continue activities as three members and they ask for fans' understanding. Read the official announcement left on their OHP for yourself (translated by yours truly):

Thank you for your continuous support for ASTRID CROWN.

At this time, we are announcing that bassist Manato has taken steps to leave the band due to his household circumstances.

To all of our supporters and staff involved, we are truly sorry for this sudden announcement.

Band activities from now on will continue as 3 members: Rui, Ranmaru, and wataru.

Please continue to give us your unchanging support.


Manato himself left this announcement on his Ameblo on New Year's Day (edited with the help of Sabra):



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As the announcement yesterday said, I am leaving ASTRID CROWN due to personal reasons.

To all of the fans who have supported me, and to each and every one of my staff, I apologize for causing you such worry and trouble.

I just want to say that I completely felt like I was in the position to say that I liked ASTRID CROWN more than anyone else.

It might be weird to say this, but that's why I want you all to know, deep into the recesses of your mind, that leaving was not an easy decision to make.

I honestly think this is a band you haven't seen anything of yet, and because we could do a lot of things, there was a lot I wanted to do!

In the end, it's a shame.

To my supporters, it's useless to apologize.

It's something I can't apologize for no matter what.

I'm really sorry.

Thank you for everything until now.


Despite Manato's sudden departure, ASTRID CROWN isn't stopping activities even for a bit. Though the band has no upcoming releases scheduled, you have plenty of chances to see them live in the near future:

January 22nd @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4

February 20th @ Ikebukuro CYBER

February 25th @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT

February 27th @ Takadanobaba AREA

March 3rd @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT

March 4th @ Ash OSAKA

March 6th @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction

March 7th @ Fukuoka Drum Be-1

March 10th @ Sendai Hook

March 11th @ Niigata GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE

March 13th @ Yokohama F.A.D

March 14th @ Ikebukuro CYBER

March 20th @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4

April 4th @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4

April 18th @ Ikebukuro CYBER

May 19th @ Ash OSAKA

May 20th @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT

May 23rd @ Ikebukuro CYBER

Let's wish Manato luck in his future endeavors and keep supporting ASTRID CROWN during their busy year!

TRANSLATION: Shannon, Sabra

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