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FAIRY TAIL 365 begins as Happy and Natsu get to Crawford's house to which Natsu notices there to be something very wrong. Both Mira and Erza are not there. Natsu notices the spilt tea from before to have sleeping pills on them. Natsu quickly deduces that the former chairman has been on Tartarus' side, this is how they're getting information.

Natsu mentions that he'll definitely get a scent and for him not to underestimate a dragon's nose. We see a fully naked Erza wake up to which Kyouka is in front of Erza. She notices that she's captured. Kyouka introduces her to Tartarus, Erza asks where Mira and Crawford are.

Kyouka mentions the he's been their ally and has helped them complete their plans, both of them fell into their trap. Erza doesn't seem to believe whats going on and tries to escape but isn't because of the seal stone. Erza asks where her friend is, Kyouka tells her in order to turn her into their servant she will modify her body to which Erza gets mad about and tells her to stop.

Kyouka is there to ask Erza where Jellal is! We see him against the whole of Oracion Seis, Meredy is told to get back. Cobra mentions that it must be Doranbolt who sent him, the members mentions that they want to be free and that they will need to fight and win against Jellal to do so. Hoteye mentions that he prefers not to fight and wants to submit to Jellal.

Midnight steps in to mention that they've obtained freedom, to which he changes his name to Macbeth, to which he will now destroy anything that lies between him and his freedom. Racer steps in to fight Jellal but he's able to keep up with Sawyer (Real Name). Cobra steps in to attack but Jellal blocks his attacks, he mentions that he can read his attacks, mentioning Erik (Real Name). Jellal hits both of them together.

Angel gathers her minions to attack to which Jellal mentions that Solano (Real Name) has learnt some new magic. Jellal disperses all of the minions. Macbeth (Midnight) mentions that now he can have more fun than he did seven years ago. Kyouka mentions that both Jellal and Erza were in love and that she should know where he is.

Kyouka grabs Erza's body to which Erza begins to go into extreme pain, we find out that Kyouka is changing the levels of pain in which Erza gets from what Kyouka does to her. Her paid is increased to max to which when Kyouka hits her with a whip it hurts her a lot.

Kyouka mentions that they know who the three special people are that sealed Face of which two are dead and the remaining one if Jellal. Jellal now faces Cobra, Racer and Angel all at once to which he can now feel their power after they warmed up.

Kyouka mentions if Jellal dies then they can release the seal on Face. From Erza's face it seems that now she wont say because she doesn't want Jellal to be killed. Kyouka mentions if she tells her where Jellal is then she will let Mirajane go. Erza keeps on mentioning that she doesn't know!

We see Crawford and Franmalth talk about it was bad that his house was destroyed by Natsu when Franmalth mentions that after this plan has gone through, the house is something small compared to what they will get. Crawford mentions to kill Erza and Mira and never to let them go as they will ruin their plan.

Crawford notices a flying thing when he looks out the window, he notices that it's clearly coming their way, as it gets closer they notices it someone when they crash into the side of the building! It's Natsu that has gotten close enough to smack Crawford right in the face to which he's teeth pop right out!

Natsu is pissed off after finding out what had happened with Erza and Mirajane! He wants him to pay for drugging and taking Erza and Mirajane! Everyone notices this explosion while Natsu lands right Tartarus HQ, he will never forgive those who hurt his friend, anger at its max. Natsu's fists will hunt down every last one of the Tartarus' members. Fairy Tail 365 ends here.
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