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Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)


Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)




The premise is the background of the story, whichincludes the possible events that might have happened before.

If Ranma and his fatherdidn't went to the legendary springs located in china they will notsupposedly turn into something that they don't wanted it to be. LearningMartial Arts beyond the border and doing too much is something harshersomeone, just like what the two of them gone through.


Characterization is the description of characters'personality, beliefs, motivations, etc.

Ranma, the maincharacter of this live action, has a strong will to become the strongest manin the world. He was being inspired by her sick mother when she was alive.Ranma's belief is strong enough, and the inspiration that Akane gives to himbecomes an additional for him to be stronger than ever. The actor who playedthis role was really cute, and some characteristics of the anime version ofRanma were being portrayed by him very well. The woman who portrayed as thefemale version, was really befitting in the role of someone who is so boyishwho denies the fact that she is a woman. I could say both of them portrayedthem very well. I was a little bit not well acquainted with their expressionfrom time to time. It was some kind of a very child like act.

Akane is a determinedgirl to inherit their dojo, and maintain its status. However, her fatherseems to conclude that her youngest daughter could not handle it alone anddecided to betroth her to Ranma. Akane is a strong woman, who works things onits own. She has a crush on a doctor who works in her school, but it was sounfortunately that that guy was in love to her oldest sister named Kasumi.The girl, who also portrayed Akane, was very beautiful. It does make sensewhy they indeed choose her as Akane Tendou, but I have this little bit of acomment. Akane in the anime version was a little bit of a chubby like, andmuch stronger than the live action. But then again, though she didn'tcompletely perfect the role, but she did justice to it.

The List of the Character as well as the name of the actors/actresses were the following;

Main Cast

* as Tendo Akane

* as young Akane

* as Saotome Ranma

* as Saotome Ranma

* as Kuno Tatewaki

* as Tendo Nabiki

* as Gosunkugi Hikaru

* as Tendo Kasumi

* as Ono Tofu

* as Okamada Kamoyo

* as Saotome Genma

* as Tendo Soun


* as Kamaitachi

* () as Akane's friend

* as Akane's friend

* () as Akane's friend

* () as a teacher

* () as a hostess club waiter


The plot is the flow of events and actions thatconsequently develop in a story.

The structure of the movie is how the parts of itrelate to each other, or how the plot is built.

At the beginning of thestory, they started at present time, and a little bit of past to convey whathad happen to Genma and Ranma, and then going back to the present.The story flows accordingly like that ofthe anime series. Though the anime series were being played with longepisodes, but in here, of course it was being shorten. The flow of the storyis well understood, and there is no defect that you could probably noticewhile the story is playing. Everything seems to be well organized and will planby the maker of this movie.


A dialogue is a conversation between two or morepeople, or characters for this matter.

In terms of Dialogue, Ifind it very funny when each of the characters where having thisconversation, because they seems to be over reacting with their expressions,and they really do liked to imitate the anime version of this series, whichis somehow hard to do. While this movie was playing, and this kind of commentroaming around inside my mind, I just thought that they were acting like thatsince the story is related in its anime version. I also do notice this typeof acting with some live action movie that was based also from anime series.A typical over reacting expressions which I find it very entertaining.


Originality refers to a fresh plot or ideaimplemented in the film that attracts viewers' attention to the story.

Of course, this movieisn't the original version because it is based on its anime version that wascreated during the 1990s. However, the alteration of the story was kind ofunique due to the reason that I haven't seen the plot that was being showedin this movie from the anime episodes of Ranma, which I can say that theyalso have their originality in altering the story. Those fanatic anime goersand a fan of Ranma surely do like to watch this after seeing the title.However, for those who aren't very well acquainted with anime, they canattract the viewer in relation to its kinky side of the story, like how funit is to watch it; the characters were seemingly at its best in portrayingtheir designated role.

The Cast of the Original version!


A scene is a self-contained episode within a largerwork.

The scenes were not hardto locate I guess, because most of the scenes were located inside a schoolpremises, dojo, plaza, and underground tunnel. So, these elements were easyto find. I guess, the maker of this movie didn't have any problem looking fora great spot. The same with its anime version that mostly the scene whereusually in those set that was being mentioned.


A visual presentation is when characters act andreact to each other and the setting to develop the action and the plot of themovie.This interaction typicallyinvolves a lot of dialogue.

As I said from myearlier write ups, characters' reactions were somehow funny because in somepart they are over reacting. The conversations that were being gone throughin the series of the movie were good as it is. I am well entertained by them.If I would be asked if I wanted to watch this again, I will surely going tosay yes. There are those movies, which really are rich with so muchvisualization effect, but in here, there are only few of them. They didn'tgive much of an importance of going so much magic effect from the beginninguntil the last part of the movie.


The general structure of the critique resembles thestructure of an essay.

Ranma was a young manwho goes in an adventure together with his father Genma. An incident happenswhen they were traversing the land of China. When they arrived in thelegendary cursed spring, each one of them fell in a certain springs that turnthem into something else. Now Genma, Ranma's father, was really wanted to sithis son to Akane. He did pretend and said to Ranma that there is that certainsprings will get them back permanently from whom they were before, and itcould only be found at the Tendou's Residence. For this purpose, Ranma becameso interested in going there and agree with such betroth idea, believing thathe could find the springs in there.

The movie was totallybased on its anime version, but only it has a little bit of an alteration. Ifind it very entertaining. I am the typical person who can be easily boredwhen I don't find a movie very interesting, but when I watched this, I was drawnby the characters especially to Akane. On Ranma sides, I didn't find himhandsome, but when I look at him? He is also a quite good looking guy in amuch nearer look. They have a few characters in the story, which you caneasily count them in your finger tips. In terms of values, it has a littlebit of this.

To conclude my critique,I would say they did a good job. It was simple kind of movie, without costingmuch for the maker but they give due justice for the characters that theactor/actress portrayed. I recommend this for the kids who don't have anyassignments to take care of. But the kids should be guided while watchingthis movie because their might be a question on some part of this movie thatthe kids might misinterpret it.
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