Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ex-Saruin + ex-GazettE = Jabell

This Sunday marks a major happening for fans of Saruin, Para:noir, Konig, and perhaps the GazettE! What do these bands have in common, and what is happening on Sunday, you ask? The common factor is members -- and January 26th will be the first live for new band[Jabell].

The band was announced back in September but information has generally flown low on the radar, meaning that news has, for the most part, only broken for fans who have been dedicated followers of one member or another. However, the band has slowly been building up to this live and now that we're hot on its heels, what better time to introduce Jabell?

Vocals:(Maria), ex-Saruin


Guitar:(Yanagi), ex-Saruin, K nig (support)

[SaruinK nig]

Guitar:(Ranmaru), ex-Saruin, ex-Para:noir (as Yuuya)





[LatourMelvilleArtiaVall'na racill (support)K nig (support)]

There are no photos for the band yet, nor is there an OHP, but the members insist that this is not simply a session band, so perhaps there is a website in the works! On the plus side, Yanagi has uploaded a short audio sample of the song "birthday" to YouTube.

Though it's not entirely clear what will be for sale at the live, it appears that the band will be selling cheki at the very least. Furthermore, there are "atari" (winning) cheki mixed in, and whoever happens to draw one will receive a special comment DVD from the band!

Live details are as follows:

Ains PRESENTS "Kurofuku Gentei GIG Vol.06 -Tokyo-"

January 26, 2014 (Sun) @ Takadanobaba AREA

Open/start: 3:00 / 3:30 PM

Advance/door:3,000 /3,500 plus drink ticket

Acts: Grieva, CELL, La'veil MizeriA, Mitht, Arlequin, SHEDIA, SAVAGE, JyuLie, Jabell

* All attendees will receive a band logo sticker.

** All attendees must wear black clothing to be allowed entry.

Tickets are currently on sale through e+. Additionally, attendees can reserve tickets through their favorite band.

Do we have any Saruin or Yune fans out there? Are you excited?

Here's hoping Jabell's first live goes off without a hitch!

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