Friday, January 17, 2014

Ranma Abridged?

I feel awkward about abridged shows, especially when done to a comedy. Maybe it goes back to the old saying that 'you can't make fun of a clown?' Perhaps it's because I know the voices so well, and only a couple of them just feel right? I'm, not sure. I've honestly only watched this one episode though, so there's a chance that the dubbing goes up in quality, as one voice literally sounds like it was recorded over the phone.

Then again, this pilot was uploaded to Youtube in 2009, and the quality of these things have only gotten better as higher quality technology has become more affordable, so maybe I'm being too harsh? Here's the latest episode from December 2013:

The writing, voice acting, and audio quality seem better, and is much more watchable, and there's like a movie now, according the the credits? Not 100% sure if I will watch this series or not, as I have access to the old episodes still, but you never know.
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