Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Ranma 1/2 often focuses on people radically transforming their bodies thanks to the magical chinese springs. Duck, Girl, Cat, Panda, Girl, it all seems so amazingbut why is there no spring of drowned hot teacher? Miss Hinako was a sickly girl who was trained by Ranma and his father's master, Happosai, in order to keep the nurses away from him as he stole panties in the hospital. She accomplished this by absorbing people's chi by channeling it through a coin, although it seems like anything that is metal with a hole in it will suffice. When she does this, she says the phrase "Happo Satsu" where she well either say 50 Yen or whatever she has to work with. Basketball Hoop satsu anyone?

Due to this process, Miss Hinako still looks like a child until she absorbs people's chi, and then looks like an attractive, very well built, adult. She has the ability to eject the energy out of her in the form of a chi blast, which she calls her 'Happo no Yen coin return'

Ranma could defeat her, but only by pressing her pressure points, and that makes it look like he is a sexual deviant. Furthermore, he would have to do this daily for a month.
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