Sunday, January 5, 2014

Suh Suh Suh SUNDAY!

It is cold, and windy. That is what I have to put up with this morning, as I get ready for work. Might I suggest to everyone who did not get a good night of sleep for such mediocrity to bundle up and drink hot cocoa?

What to watch? Anime. Derr

Ranma 1/2 - in keeping with the month's theme of Gender Bending, maybe this classic anime show about a high school kid who falls into the spring of drowned girl is up your alley? Cold water turns him into a girl, water back into a man, and hilarity shall ensue. If you want to skip the anime, there were a few movies, and even a live action one a few years ago. It is streaming atand , subtitled. OH@ and this has martial arts and uhfireballs! I promise! Me personally, I'm going to watch the movie on DVD, Nihao my Concubine!

Cheeky Angel - This anime is great, but has never been brought over stateside. a boy makes a wish from a Djinn in order to be a man among men, but the wish is interpreted as woman among women. Silly Djinn. Anyways, so fast forward to high school, where she has to fend off the boys who wish to date her as her best friend tags along for the ride! Good fun, but once againonly the manga is in North America.

If only there was some way to watch shows that are not in brought over her, but as far as I knowthere can't be, right?

Kampfer - This series is on Hulu. I've never personally watched it, but it's about a boy who one day becomes a mystical female fighter who has to fight other mystical female fighters, all while being in high school. I'm sure hilarity ensues, but I've never seen ityet.

Kashimashi - Watch this one subbed. The English voice acting made this show weird to watch. A feminine boy gets rejected by a girl who has problems seeing guys, and ends up getting hit by a UFO. The UFO reconstructs him, but as a girl, and hilarityensues. Okay. So apparently every time this kind of thing happens, hilarity ensues. Warning, this series isn't hentai but it does feature tiny young lesbians. Might get some raised eyebrows at work. Just saying.

And there are tons more to watch, and since it's animeyou can probably read it too! Oh, and there was an SNES RPG of Ranma 1/2. So you can even play it as well in that case? But you know, it'd be in Japaneseunless somehow there is a magical way to play games on your computer from far off lands, with a translation. But once againno idea of anyway to emulate that. Yep. ErrNope.
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