Sunday, July 14, 2013

29 down, 1 to go...

It was 29 years ago.I made a goal of running Grandma's Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon 25 consecutive years.The postal service goofed up my Twin Cities streak at 12 when the machine chewed up my entry and it was returned after the race.So I had Grandma's...

When I reached the 25th year, I was prepared to call it quits.Then my son encouraged me to run with him for a 26th race.For the 26th, I decided I would run 5.24 miles and quit.That would mean I ran 26.2 consecutive Grandma's Marathons.My son decided to run the whole race with me so I could not quit at 5.24 miles, as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.That means only one thing!The goal was now 30 consecutive finishes...

The 29th Consecutive finish at Granma's marathon is complete.I went into the week of the race thinking the 5-mile training run on June 15th was inadequate to finish.That was the first run since Grandma's 2012.Since that was such a poor run I decided to run again on Wednesday the 19th.I completed a 4-mile run and felt expended.This year I was really concerned and knew my only chance was to be mentally strong and I believed I know my body and capabilities well.So I told Shelley I was going to run 12:30 Minute miles for the first hour with the average pace slowing every hour to the point where I averaged a 15-minute mile at the end.

I left for Duluth on Friday at about 12:30 PM.I was going up alone as Shelley had plans with her parents in Lincoln, Nebraska and my sister has not been able to make the race in year.I arrived at 4:30 PM (traffic was horrible) and quickly picked up my packet.I walked around Canal Park to calm nerves.After evaluating my clothing option I brought with me, I decided to purchase gloves and sleeves.There turned out to be a so valuable in the race!

2013 Finisher

So it was nighttime and it was just the Smart Car and I.This would be the first time I would try to sleep in the little thing.I brought five pillows and a blanket.I stuffed the area between the seats with pillows, put my legs in the passenger area and starched my body across the less than 5-foot space.While, challenging, I slept about as well as I could.Of course, two Advil PM's helped.

The forecast for the race was dismal.Cold, rain and heavy winds.The only thing that could have made the weather look worse was snow.Thank GOD that did not happen!Although, if the winds came off the lake, I think we may have had sleet.But the winds were from the northeast.No lake breeze today!

I made it the start on the train and prepared to the race.To shorten this post, I will say it went exactly as planned.The First hour I averaged 12:24 miles (planned 12:30).After hour two, I was at 12:49 (13:00 Planned).I felt pretty good but decided to not risk cramps or fatigue and go with the plan.I held back and did some walking to stay with the plan.Well, I finished with a 15:02 average and four minutes better than last year.I felt good.I even jogged to the drop bags and to the car.

The drive home was difficult to start.Fog was in Duluth all day and did not clear until I was past Cloquet. (See video).

On a side note, on April 13, 2013 I went to see a nutritionist.I really am into what she says and have followed her advice.I have not stepped on the scale sine April 13, 2013 until today.While I have lost weight, I am a little disappointed.I have lost and average of 2.4 pounds a week (24 pounds).I guess that is a healthy loss rate?In 2006 when I also went to a nutritionist, I had average 4.3 pound a week for the first 10 weeks.I guess I just need to be patient?

Now it is time for a recovery.I hope to be back on the bike taking that 18-mile commute to work in the next few days!
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