Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Week That Was #30 (Project 365)

Cooling Off (201/365)Last Day At Ladybirds (202/365)Balancing (203/365)Camper Van (204/365)Rita's Wedding (205/365)Messing About Before Bedtime (206/365)Being Hosed Down (207/365)

SUNDAY - it was boiling hot today! We went to my Mum's where Burton recieved more birthday presents from her and my step dad - some fab bug hunting equipment and a drum kit! Yes a drum kit! It was a steal at just EUR10 at a summer school fete and my step dad could not resist! Thanks Grandad!We went to a village show with the boys but it was just too hot so they went for a paddle in the stream with Shadow to coll off instead.

MONDAY - was Burton's . Officially it is Thursday but Daddy and I have a wedding to attend so the boys will be at my Mum's. Burton was unphased by it all really, I felt a little emotional but held it together! So now we have 7 weeks until he starts school!

TUESDAY - we went to the park to meet a friend and her son and it was great as we arrived early so it was not too busy. The boys enjoyed a couple of hours of runing around and made me laugh because they ate their packed lunch as soon as we arrived at 10.30am!

WEDNESDAY - Granma and two of Burton's cousins came over today so it was quite manic! Lots of playing in the garden and in the playroom. I sent the morning baking cakes for my friend's wedding tomorrow as I offered to make her a wedding cake: yikes! Here are the boys playing with the camepr van once thier cousins had gone home.

THURSDAY - we dropped the boys off at my Mum's mid morning and then OH and i headed down to Totness for my friend Rita's wedding. Before the ceromoney at 3pm I had to finish assembling the cake - the cigarellos are a bit wonky with the weight of the huge juicy strawberries BUT I think i pulled it off! Rita was very pleased with it and that is all that matters. Plus the sponge tasted good too which I was relieved about - I have never felt so nervous about making a cake before!!! It was a wonderful afternoon and evening.

FRIDAY - The boys weren't dropped home until lunchtime so i sent the morning cleaning and food shopping mostly, although i did stay in my pj's until 10am!! Once the boys were home - with the biggest hugs ever - we spent the afternoon playing with toys and puzzles and we watched Finding Nemo. The photo shows the boys running and jumping on the decking before bedtime.

Saturday - swimming this morning first thing. Afterwards we went home and the boys did some great drawings and played with their toys. Daddy cleaned the paddling pool out and Burton got in the way of the hose pipe ha ha - second shower of the morning! We dropped the boys off at Granma's and Grampy's after tea as OH and I are off out for a friend's birthday meal at Instow :)

*ps, the tee-shirt that Burton is wearing in 3 of the photos was washed each time, it's just his new favourite as Aunty Rita gave it to him for his birthday!* If you would like to read more about my mummy mishaps please subscribe by email or via RSS feed :) Thank you xx
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