Monday, July 15, 2013

5 ideas to customize your shirt

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Update the SHIRTS from your closet to the current trends, here are a few IDEAS TO CUSTOMIZE them easily and quickly.

OPEN BACK SHIRT. This is a very nice alteration in my opinion. Cut out the shirt at the center back leaving an inch of fabric at the top. The shirt in the pic is absolutely stunning in light weighted cotton with cut out embroidered sleeves. It could be a precious piece coming from a granma chest, I really like it.

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COLOR CONTRAST SHIRT. Cut away collar and cuffs from your shirt, use them as a pattern and cut them on another fabric. You can also exchange collar and cuffs with another shirt.Ialso like the idea of the color contrast band for buttons. You can cover it with another fabric. Black and white is a must for spring, but you can get creative and choose fabrics with patterns.

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SHOULDER HOLES have been very popular for a while and this is still my favorite version. It's chic and feminine. If you like this look, cut away the shoulders of your shirt and sew a precious trim around the edge. Great result with little effort.

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OPEN SLEEVES. I like floaty see through shirts. I buy one of these every summer. This is a quick update, cut the sleeves vertically to create a peek-a-boo effect.

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Ethic inspiration for this man shirt decorated with trims. Sew some trims on top on your shirt get the look.

To make it more girly and romantic try pearl ball chains, satin ribbons, gold chains and beaded trims.
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