Thursday, July 18, 2013

TV Show

When I was 6 years old, I use to see tv after arrive to my house from school, and I think, that really was one of the best hours in the day. In CHV there was transmitted a tv show called "El Club de los Tigritos", a typical program where were given a lot of animations. The show was led by Carolina Guti rrez at first then, some years later, by Jessica Abudinen.With 6 years I didn't know where the program come from, but know I could read that the original program came from Venezuela and was adapted to different countries here in Southam rica. If I'm not wrong, the program started at 4p.m approx. and I know this doesn't sound quite good, but, it lasted until 6 p.m. I saw all the anime they gave. Inside the show, in addition to the series, some contest were part of it too. Each anime chapter last 25 min. approx. so in the afternoon were transmitted near 5 series every day in the week. Some of them are: Sailor Moon, Caballeros del Zodiaco, Detective Conan, Ranma 1/2, etc.

I'll tell you something not so related, but for me is important. I really am good to rebember songs I like, so I listened sometimes the background of the program, but, I didn't know the name of the song. About a year ago I found it, Twiggy twiggy jaja. Was a long research.


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