Saturday, July 27, 2013

Making A Splash (Country Kids)

As I mentioned in an this week, all we have done outdoors this week is play with water. With it being so hot and us being able to cool off in our new paddling pool, there has not been a need to go anywhere else. It has been a week for splashing!

However, Thursday night the boys had a sleep over at Granma and Grampy's and before they went to bed they were allowed to try out the water slide - they were so excited they didn't even change into their swimming shorts! And the water was very cold but that did not stop them either!

When I went to collect the boys the next morning they were in Granma's paddling pool enjoying the warm water as she had filled the pool up with hot water (they were spoilt as Daddy only poured cold water in to our paddling pool lol!).

And Jenson got to have a swim in our pool back at home when he had it all to himself.

What a week it has been for water play - I hope this hot weather continues for a bit longer allowing us more pool fun! ( We need to get our moneys worth!!) If you would like to read more about my mummy mishaps please subscribe by email or via RSS feed :) Thank you xx
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