Monday, July 22, 2013


Alice, almost 3 years, is sitting on her Granpa's lap, facing him. For several minutes, she has been silently examining his hands, bearded face and shirt buttons.

'Granpa. Your thumb is broke'.

'Yes, luv, once upon a time, it was broken. How did you know that?'

'See it's crooked. Different than the other one. How did it break?'

'Hmm. A very big box fell on it'.

'Did you cry Granpa?'

'No dear, I didn't but I had to go to the hospital to get it fixed'.

'In your car with Granma?'

'No, in an ambulance. It had flashing red lights and a siren. Have you seen an ambulance before?'

'Hmm, I think so. Did the doctor make it better at the hospital? Did he kiss it like my Mommy does to me?'

'Doctors don't kiss sore thumbs, luv. He was gentle and gave me a pill so it wouldn't hurt anymore. Then he put a bandage on it'.

'Granpa, did it have red butterflies?'

'No sweetie, but I would like to have had some red butterflies. I like butterflies'.

'Robins eat real butterflies you know'.

'They also eat worms and bugs'.

'Ugh, bugs are bitey. Your hair is soft. I like to feel it on your face'.

'It's as soft as your hair, Alice. My hair is white. Yours is black. It's curly and looks nice'.

'Your buttons are brown. Can I do it?'

'You like doing up buttons, don't you Alice?'

'Hmm, yes but sometimes my Mommy helps me'.

'Ok, tell me when you need some help. My buttons are tough to do.'

'I'm almost three, you know. My Mommy says I'm a big girl now. Did you know that you have a blue eye and a brown one?'

'Yes, Alice. God couldn't decide which colour to give me when he made me'.

'What colour are God's eyes, Grandpa?'
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