Saturday, July 27, 2013

Staying At Home Country Kids

This month has been an expensive one. What with Britmumslive at the end of June, Burton's birthday and the OH's car needing a major new part after breaking down a few weeks ago, this month has been tight financially until pay day next week. This is the reason why when we saw that we were in for some sunny and hot weather, we bought the paddling pool.OH and I decided that it was a worthy investment because it would get lots of use and would save us having to go anywhere to spend money and also reduce petrol costs.

I have felt a little guilty that for the past two weeks we have not been anywhere much. Asides from pre school for Burton, a trip to Granma and Grampy's and Tesco we have stayed at home.Then again, when you have your own garden, toys, a paddling pool, a trampoline and various outdoors toys (bats, balls, basket ball hoop etc...) there is not always the need to have to go elsewhere. Plus with the extreme temperatures we have had, it is nice to be able to cool off indoors and have lots of drinks on hand. The boys and I have had a lot of fun amusing ourselves at home and in the garden and the paddling pool has been used every day.

This week we have mostly done the following:

You dont have to spend much money to keep children busy and ensure they have lots of fun and fresh air and exercise. I think my two are happy doing anything as long as we do it together and they enjoy themselves.

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