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Big Announcements Like- Blood C The Last Dark Movie English Dub Cast Announced & Some Confuzzling CLAMP Developments!

If you haven't already heard, FUNimation is currently at Anime Expo in Huston and the first day there they made two big announcements! The Blood C and Wolf Children Movies English Dub Casts! Saya Kisaragi- Alexis TiptonMana Hiiragi- Jad SaxtonFumito Nanahara- Robert McCollumKuroto Mogari- Mike McFarlandIroi Matsou- Justin CookShun Fujimura- Josh GrelleHiro Tsukiyama- Tia BallardHaruno Yanagi- Colleen ClinkenbeardYuka Amino- Martha HarmsKimihiro Watanuki- Todd Haberkorn

I was so excited to hear the cast finally being announced. I'm a little edgy about Josh and Justin, but I'm sure they'll do fine. I'm so glad that Colleen was cast as Haruno; matches perfectly! I haven't really heard Jad or Tias' voices much, but I'm really happy to see FUNimation casting them for larger roles and I wish them luck! Todd Haberkorn was not actually on the list, but we all know that one is correct =D

I also heard that they are showing the dubbed movie at Anime Expo; not sure if it's true though, so if you are there let me know! Once the official release date is announced I'll let you all know and be sure to reserve your copy!

I also wanted to share the 4th Blood C manga volume cover! My goodness, Ranmaru Kotone is one quick working artist; I'm jealous! The manga is not only covering the series, but also the movie sodefiantly check it out when you have the time. It's more like a shojo/slice-of-life manga than an shonen/horror, but I'm loving it so far and I'm sure you will too. Now then, onto their other cast announcement- Wolf Children! Hana- Colleen ClinkenbeardAme (child)- Allison VikorinAme- Michah SolusodYuki (child)- Lara WoodhullYuki- Jad SaxtonOokami- David MantrangaGrandpa Nirasaki- Jerry RussellSouhei- Jason Leibrecht Ohhh it's so good to see Jason Leibrecht's name up there! I have missed his voice so much! Yes Jason is one of my favorite voice actors, and after not seeing him pop up in and series lately I began to get a little worried haha. Anyway, also super excited to see Michah's name on there, along with several new people; go FUNimation! I have yet to see the movie, but I can't wait to! As most of you can tell, it's directed by Mamoru Hosoda, who directed Summer Wars- which by the way is a fantastic movie (in fact, I'm watching it right now). For those of you curious about the movie; here is the Japanese trailer posted by FUNimation- The release date is still unknown as well, but if you would like to watch it earlier than the release; the English dub will be premiering at Otakon this August! Be sure to register and get your tickets as soon as possible! Oh right, and did I mention that Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Crispin Freeman, T.M.Revolution, and buns load more of chiv guests will be there?! Alrighty, it's time for some CLAMP news! First up, CLAMP made this illustration for the Kyoto Manga Festival and is now being showcased at Japan Expo in Paris!

You can even go see the illustration in person because this August it will be showcased at Japan Expo USA in California! Better register and get your tickets as soon as you can for this one as well-

I think because CLAMP has been doing a lot of new Cardcaptor Sakura illustrations for its' new mobile game, they gave this illustration a Cardcaptor Sakura-y themed background haha. Now for some very shocking and confusing CLAMP news. Just recently on the CLAMP Camera app; Gate 7 is said to be on hiatus! But wait, there's more- Gate 7 is said to be the only one on hiatus! So is CLAMP just playing a joke on us or are they completely serious???

To cunfuzzle us even more, Nanase and Tsubaki have recently gone on a business trip to Kyoto which everyone thought to be more location hunting for Gate 7! I guess we won't really know what the trip was all about until they come back. So my questions now are- CLAMP are you going to try to actually finish Clover and X now? How long will Gate 7 be on Hiatus? and, You have to be pulling are legs right?

Well if I find out anything more on this Gate 7 hiatus, I'll let you all know!

I still have something CLAMP-y to talk about, but I wanna get back to some more awesome FUNimation news really quick.

I was able to finish Kamisama Kiss and LOVED it! You know its got to be good when I actually fall in love with a shojo =] Disappointed that it might just stay streamed, I looked into FUNimations' license a little more. Wouldn't you know it, those sneaky guys assured on their Kamisama Kiss Valentines' Day cards that it will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray soon!

Still no word on the dub cast, but again, when or if there is one; I'll be sure to let you all know! Ok back to CLAMP- If you didn't know, Dark Horse Manga picked up a lot of CLAMP series and re-released them in omnibus editions. Those series include- Clover, Chobits, Cardcaptor Sakura, X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, Magic Knight Rayearth and Angelic Layer! I really hope they re-release RG Veda even though they're being picky about their CLAMP titles right now, anyway; I found this chiv ad in Otaku USA and thought I'd type a little about Angelic Layer!

Durarara!! in the Angelic Layer world... that would be interesting... O.O very interesting! Angelic Layer is about a young girl named Misaki Suzuhara whom has been thrown into the game of Angelic Layer where she controls a small robot like doll called an 'Angel' named Hikaru and fights other Angels. Along the way she becomes friends with the shy Kotaro, his sister Hatoko, the violently chiv Tamayo, oh and the Angelic Layer game creator himself; Ichiro Mihara! I feel as though this is CLAMPs' somewhat forgotten work. I believe it's one of their series with the least colored illustrations and is hardly ever mentioned anymore. I'd love to see CLAMP bring it back up sometime and do a new illustration for it (perferably one with Tamayo in it). I do like the manga more than the anime series, mostly because Tamayo ends up with Ohjiro instead of Kotaro haha. Sorry I really love Tamayo and she defiantly deserves more than what she got in the CLAMP universe.

However the anime is still defiantly worth watching! It's funny, sweet, adorable and just overall pretty darn chiv. Oh and yes it is dubbed! ADV dubbed it several years ago, but it's pretty hard to find nowadays; if you do get the chance, check them out! Finally a little me news! Yes, yes I know I still haven't got the web show out at all yet, but I assure you all I am working on it! The first episode should be out soon; for complete updates make sure to like Namae's Thoughts Facebook page- A couple posts ago I told you all I would be attending several cons throughout the end of this year; well I would like you all to join in on the fun! At the end of August I will be at Saboten-Con in Glendale Arizona! Tons of guests like Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, John Swasy, Spike Spenser and a buns load more will be there! Be sure to check it out if you can! I will later be at Animeland Otaku Mex this September in Albuquerque New Mexico! A very small con that I would like to see grow more, so please tell your friends, neighbors, family, pets, or your pets pet giraffe. Because it is such a small con there are not many guests, so make sure you get on their forums and let them know who you wanna see! If you do attend Animeland, make sure to stop by my CLAMP panel for some great CLAMP history and prizes! Oh and did I mention I finally got my Saya cosplay?! Just waiting for my wig to come in! Well hopefully some of you will be able to attends theses cons and maybe we'll just bump into one another. Until next time!
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